Data Conversions OnDemand at a Glance:

Superior Technology.  Leveraging REF’s proprietary SIP™ Enterprise conversion software with embedded Business Intelligence Wizards, complex conversion tasks are automated with the realized cost and time savings passed on to our clients.  SIP™ Enterprise has been designed by REF financial data experts with decades of experience in the business to provide greater control of business data and reduce the time and effort normally spent on data conversion, integration and testing.  As a result, REF can perform data conversions more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost than any other data service provider in the industry.

Customer Service.  Our clients are assigned a Dedicated Conversion Assistant , enabling:

           • A single point of contact to address conversion issues.
           • Access to management information necessary to assess productivity, efficiency and past performance.
           • The provision of a detailed, customized data conversion and testing plan for you.
           • The delivery of an error-free data conversion – on time, on target, on demand.

Secure. Client data files are sent to our secure data processing center via secure FTP or private VPN. Customer data is encrypted when stored and destroyed when no longer required.

Cost EffectiveREF’s conversion services enable clients to focus on nurturing their client relationships and core competencies while offloading to dedicated experts what is generally regarded as "non-value added" and costly data conversion work.  Data conversion costs are minimized and incurred only when necessary.


Maximize Company Expenditures

DCOD℠ is an à la carte service that you utilize only when required. DCOD℠ enables you to compliment and better leverage your existing resources, obviating the need for maintaining dedicated data conversion staff

Over 30 years of experience converting Employee Benefit data:

  • Defined contribution
  • Defined benefit
  • Transfer agency
  • Stock purchase
  • Stock option