Data Conversion Services

REF quickly and easily tests and converts the participant data from your prior record-keeper using our SIP™ Enterprise software. Through the use of this innovative, rules-based software, REF is able to achieve previously unobtainable levels of speed and accuracy. 

REF’s Data Conversion Service is intended to reduce the time and expense that a plan provider incurs when converting a plan from a previous provider.

Plan data could include:

  • defined contribution, 
  • defined benefit, 
  • transfer agency, 
  • stock purchase,
  • stock option,  and
  • virtually any other plan data of any size.  

For your next conversion, please consider REF. REF's Data Conversion Services will save you time, cost and frustration.

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REF's Data Conversions OnDemand℠(DCOD℠) conversion service enables you to better utilize your existing resources, obviating the need for maintaining dedicated data conversion staff. Leveraging REF’s proprietary SIP Enterprise™ data conversion software and over 30 years of data conversion experience, DCOD℠ provides accurate and reliable data conversions in a swift and cost effective manner. 

Reconciliation and Statement Solutions

Our Reconciliation Solutions are designed to allow the user to easily connect and reconcile their independent, yet interrelated, financial systems.  Our meticulous programming and attention- to- detail make reconciling entire systems as easy as balancing a checkbook.

Our Statement Solutions are designed to encompass form, function, readability and usability. Once created, the user can quickly and easily create customized financial statements.

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Data Testing Services

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