The wait is over. SIP Enterprise Suite 7.0 is here!

Built upon the industry leading set of tools that over 70% of the top 20 recordkeepers by Total Defined Contribution Assets have relied upon for years. SIP Enterprise Suite™ 7.0 has been completely re-engineered to meet the demand of today's complex business environment.

New Features:

  • Multidimensional Lookups

  • Encryption & Data Masking

  • Analytics

  • Assistant

  • Auditing

  • Field Types

  • Wizards


Enhanced Features:

  • Redesigned User interface

  • Report Parser

  • Reporting system

  • Data mining

  • Mapping Specialist

  • Mainframe reader, PDF support, XML

  • Document interface for .docx and .xlsx files (layouts and instructions)

  • Security features


  • Process medium to high conversion volumes 

  • Process high volume non-standard data feeds

  • Have difficulty in handling peak volumes

  • Have organizational  bottlenecks

  • Are seeking to reduce time and cost of data conversions

  • Are considering restructuring, consolidating or re engineering the data conversion process

  • Strive to make conversions a core competency


SIP ENTERPRISE SUITE™ 7.0 Features & Functions:

  • Business Wizards: Business Intelligent Modules (BIMs) incorporate business specific rules which help to automate redundant tasks, e.g., fund splitting, enrollment and loan processing

  • Data Validation: Ensures data is clean and reconciled before downstream processing

  • Customizable Templates and Models: Leverage past work

  • Comprehensive Reports: Standard and user-created custom reports tailored to client needs

  • Designed for Non-Programming Business User

  • Format Independent: Import data in any format or layout; export to single or multiple destinations.

Value Proposition


  • Business rules drive the conversion; no programming is required

  • Previously created conversion templates can be re-used with little/no additional work required

  • Input files can be processed in their native format, obviating the need for pre-processing


  • Customized edits, reports, and reconciliation assures that the converted data will upload cleanly to the client’s record-keeping system, thereby eliminating delays and costs due to re-work


  • Conversion time is cut markedly, minimizing blackout period and providing for competitive advantage

  • Substantially increases the productivity and capacity of conversion team

Value Added

  • Substantially lower conversion cost

  • Processing of unstructured report files

  • Automated conversion of data via expert “wizards”

  • Minimizes interaction with prior record keeper