SIP Enterprise Suite™

SIP Enterprise Suite™ is a portfolio of sophisticated expert system data management and conversion products built solely to efficiently manipulate and transform data. While these products can be used to process any type of business data effectively, our primary focus has historically been to optimize and streamline the employee benefit data conversion process while minimizing the involvement of programming resources.  These products have been specifically designed  to give non-technical business professionals greater control of their data and to shorten the time, effort and cost normally spent for data integration, conversion, testing and reconciliation.

SIP Enterprise Suite™ Includes:

  1. SIP Enterprise™ : An expert system-based data conversion solution currently being used by 70% of the top 20 Industry record-keepers.

  2. SIP Report Parser™: Enables conversion and processing of unstructured data, e.g., report files.

  3. SIP De-Identifier™: Allows for intelligent masking of non-public, private information.

  4. SIP Link™: Mainframe middleware permits access and integration with mainframe systems.

SIP Enterprise™

Our flagship Information Management solution, SIP™ Enterprise™, is designed for business professionals to give them greater control of their data and reduce the time and effort normally required for data integration, conversion and testing. SIP™ also includes sophisticated quality assurance, data warehousing, and security features. SIP™ can be used to manually perform complex data conversions and, in conjunction with SIP Enterprise Conversion Server™, for unattended automated payroll or other repetitive data feed processing.


REF's Data Conversions OnDemand℠(DCOD℠) conversion service enables you to better utilize your existing resources, obviating the need for maintaining dedicated data conversion staff. Leveraging REF’s proprietary SIP Enterprise™ data conversion software and over 30 years of data conversion experience, DCOD℠ provides accurate and reliable data conversions in a swift and cost effective manner. 

SIP Enterprise™ Automated Conversion Server (SEACS

Trusted by Fortune 500 firms, SEACS™ delivers automated processing of incoming data feeds of any format.